Building society loan – taking care of your future

By saving through a building society contract you acquire a claim to a loan involving a secure interest rate until its complete repayment. Particularly for real estate purchases with extended loan periods, building society loans are an excellent option for minimizing the interest risk over a long period of time. Our experts will explain to you how this works by comparing the current conditions offered by different building loan societies.

A building society contract can be an excellent element of construction financing for the future. A contract of this type can be used to cover the ancillary costs of a real estate purchase or to optimize the interest rate of your main loan. The possibilities offered by various state funding options such as “Riester” financing, government construction premiums or employers’ saving allowances mean that the goal of your building society contract can be achieved significantly earlier.

A building society contract can provide a high degree of flexibility by offering special repayment options at any amount you desire while guaranteeing absolute interest security.




Building society loan with our help

The straightforward way to save up for your own property

  • Accumulating equity capital

    With this form of saving, you conclude a building loan contract for a certain amount and cover around half this sum through regular saving instalments. You receive a guaranteed interest on the amount saved and a chance to apply for government subsidies.

  • Taking up a loan

    After saving the agreed portion, you can take up a loan for the second half of the total contract amount with favourable conditions. This means that you can plan your construction, reconstruction or purchase in a safe and relaxed manner thanks to the fixed interest on your loan.

  • Convenient repayment

    In the so-called repayment phase, you pay back the loan in regular partial amounts. You always have the option of making higher repayments, thus paying back the entire building loan faster.

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