Facilitate financing through public subsidies

No matter whether you intend to build, purchase, renovate or modernize a property, the “Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau” (KfW) offers a wide range of subsidies for different projects. During the consulting process we will present the programmes which suit your project best and explain the conditions you have to fulfil. In principle there are several subsidy types:

  • Loan with maximum amount and subsidized interest
  • Allowances for certain loan programmes that are applied directly to loan repayment.
  • Investment allowances for certain measures that are paid to you directly

With our help you will decide whether a certain subsidy suits your overall financing concept.
In this connection we will discuss the following items with you:

  • What portion of the total loan requirement can be covered by a subsidy?
  • Does the use of a subsidy affect my construction or investment expenses?
  • Which procedures and application requirements must be met to finally receive the subsidy?

Please contact us at your earliest convenience as some subsidies can only be approved if they are applied for prior to the beginning of the measure.

For details about the different subsidy programmes, please click KfW-Förderungen.



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