Instalment loans – fast and affordable

There are situations in life when you plan a large acquisition, often involving considerable costs. For instance, if your car breaks down or some other urgent measure is required. However, not all expenses can be foreseen and you may lack the funds for a short-term payment.

In such cases our favourable instalment loans could be the ideal solution. Such loans can often be approved by the banks at the shortest notice and the money transferred to your account within a few days. Normally, if you apply for a classical, non-purpose bound loan, the bank is not interested in what you do with the money. Therefore instalment loans are ideal for urgent acquisitions and the fulfilment of smaller or bigger dreams.



Your advantages at one glance

  • 1.

    Individual financing in accordance with your needs

  • 2.

    Immediate pay-out of your loan upon approval

  • 3.

    Planning security due to fixed loan periods

  • 4.

    Loans with constant monthly repayments

  • 5.

    Interest security throughout the entire loan period

  • 6.

    Free use of the loan

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